Do You Still Drink Coca Cola? Then You Should Read This


Coca-Cola has been in the food market for many years and since its inception it has been widely accepted by the public at all ages. It transcended all the countries of the world and became the most popular soda in all of history. Even the youngest children who can not read can distinguish it.

But much was talked about, and controversy was sparked and controversial about the side effects of Coca-Cola consumption.

And already at this height there is no time for debate, as we all know the damage caused to our health ingestion of soft drinks in general.

Do You Still Drink Coca Cola? Then You Should Read This

The amount of sugar contained in this drink added to the fructose corn syrup contributes to a massive increase in calories that seriously damages the body.

But recently we must add another harmful effect of Coca-Cola abuse that has repercussions on our bones, because it has been discovered that this drink washes our body’s calcium, something that seriously affects our bones and teeth and increases the risks of So feared osteoporosis.

To check it, we invite you to watch this video where you can see the effects of Coca-Cola in the eggshell.

Watch the video below:

Video source: healthfit7

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