All-Natural Drink That Will Cleanse Your Blood Vessels All the Way To Your Heart

blood vessels

The following recipe is a proven method of eliminating bad cholesterol and cleansing blood vessels. If your blood tests have shown that you have high cholesterol levels, you should be really concerned.

The cholesterol that builds up in your arteries is gradually reducing their lumen, causing further narrowing and decreasing of the blood flow, which further leads to high blood pressure and a risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Although there are many pharmaceutical medicines for decreasing of bad cholesterol levels, still there is a great number of all-natural medicines that are highly effective as well.
Therefore, if you decide to improve your health condition in a natural way, through your diet, then the method you are going to be introduced with below will definitely help you cleanse your blood vessels, eliminate any blockades gradually, and thus avoid the bypass or the angioplasty.


The following natural remedy is a proven method in the elimination of bad cholesterol and cleansing of the blood vessels.

Ingredients needed:

• 1 glass of lemon juice;
• 1 glass of ginger root juice;
• 1 glass of garlic juice;
• 1 glass of apple cider.

The above ingredients make one dose of the drink. As you can notice, this recipe uses equal amounts of all ingredients: lemon, ginger, garlic and apple cider. The resulting drink may not be very tasty, but for that matter is extremely healthy.

Method of preparation:

Mix all the ingredients together, pour the mixture in a vessel and place over low heat. Stir occasionally for about half an hour. Once the amount of mixture reduces for about 3 glasses, remove from heat, cover and allow to cool down.

When the drink is cool enough, add 3 glasses of high-quality honey (it will significantly improve the taste and add many healthy nutrients), mix well and store into glass bottles.


Have a tablespoon of this incredible natural remedy in the morning, before breakfast.
By regularly consuming this remedy, you will completely cleanse your blood vessels and protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases.

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