How to Grow Pineapple at Home, In a Pot and In a Very Simple Way!


If you are a fan of the most unique looking tropical fruit that is the Pineapple, then thank your lucky stars because with a little effort you can grow this amazing fruit at your own home. By taking good care of the plant you can enjoy the fruits of your effort in a form of a fresh, organic pineapple.

1. First thing you need to do is, to buy a fresh, ripe pineapple from the market, with nice healthy leaves on top make sure is organic, that way you are avoiding the crop chemicals

2. To grow our own pineapple we need the crown of the fruit, use a sharp knife so you can precisely cut off the crown, remove any fruit flesh that is left on the crown so it can’t rot in the process.

3. Take a bowl with water and put the crown in. Keep the crown in the water until you see roots. In this step, it is important to change the water daily because it can easily rot and start to smell bad.

4. When you see the roots, take a large and deep pot and make a mixture with two parts fertile soil and part of white sand.

5. When the roots reach the length of at least 1sm take the crown and put it in the pot, cover the roots and 2cm from the base with the soil mixture that we made previously

6. Put the plant in a place at your home that is exposed to a lot of sunlight and make sure you water it daily and place it outdoors in the sun.

7. You’ll see if the roots “lit” the earth if the center leaves start to grow.

8. After some time of growing, there will appear a steam in the center, there will be the new fruit.

9. It is important to be patient, it usually takes 15-24 months for a pineapple plant to obtain fruits.

Some advice…

When growing a pineapple at home it is important to remember that this is a tropical fruit and be aware of the climate conditions, after all the plant is not designed for temperatures lower than 15° C so it might be best to keep it as an indoor plant if you didn’t have a greenhouse.

You’ll need to keep the plant hydrated and keep the soil moist but not too moist, a spray bottle works well for this.

Make sure that you use a large pot after all the leaves of the plant grow large

Happy planting


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