Coconut water – World healthiest water

coconut water
Slightly sweet, refreshing and very healthy, coconut water present many applications in medicine and cosmetics.

coconut water

What is coconut water and what are the benefits of it?

This is the liquid extracted from young green coconut, and the biggest exporters of coconut in the world are Indonesia and the Philippines. It is an effective natural remedy, rich in numerous vitamins and minerals.

Due to the similarity of its blood plasma during the Second World War coconut water was used for transfusion and saved the lives of many soldiers.

A daily intake has a positive impact on kidney problems, (constipation coconut water is recommended during pregnancy), muscle cramps, swelling, menstrual pain, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the immune system , has strong antibacterial properties, and therefore used for the treatment of candida. Its recommended and ideal drink for overheating and dehydration.

It is believed that the most useful is when you drink directly from the green coconut in a small drilled hole and poke a straw.

Coconut water – Diet drink

This water is a component of many diets, as one cup contains 45 calories and no fat, unlike coconut milk, a cup of which equals about 450 calories. And because of its high content of potassium and magnesium, coconut water is deemed appropriate sports and energy drink after an active workout. Coconut water is ideal and power cycle after a strict diet.

Coconut water in cosmetics

”Coconut water – natural elixir”  is considered the elixir of youth as it slows down aging and helps the regeneration and growth of cells. It contributes to good appearance of the skin, hair and nails. She participated in the composition of many cosmetics against wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, pigmentation, skin eczema, etc. Positive effect in this respect has just washing your body with pure coconut water.

Coconut water – the favorite drink of the stars

The stars certainly contribute to the popularity of this drink. Madonna has invested millions in a company that bottled coconut water in the US.

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